Studio Policy

You can download the PDF here




1. Lesson appointments:

A. Plan on arriving for your appointed lesson time a few minutes early to ensure a full lesson

B. Please text me or leave a message on my cell if there is an emergency cancellation. All cancellations on the same day as the lesson or less than 24 hours, will be charged $20. If this occurrence is repeated more than twice, I will invoice for the full amount of the lesson. If I miss a lesson you will receive a complimentary lesson. 

C. It is normal for lesson times to shift around the first few weeks due to schedule arrangements. Once the lesson time is chosen, it is preferable that it remain as such for the remainder of the semester.  

2. Parent/Teacher relationship:

A. Please call me or email me whenever you have questions or concerns about your child's lessons.                      

B. Students are required to attend at least one live clarinet performance a year. (Solo recital, chamber recital or orchestral concert.)            

C. Parents are welcome to wait in our front room. Please do not leave unattended siblings in the waiting room.

3. Discontinuing lessons:

A. If you plan on discontinuing lessons, please provide two weeks notice to allow me to give the student a wrap up lesson.

4. Payment of fees:

A. Payment is due at the lesson. Monthly payments are also acceptable and discounts will be considered for packages of lessons purchased in advance.

B. Payment may be made by check, cash, or debit/credit card with related fees.

5. Parking:           

A. Please park in circle and drive carefully because there are several young children that often play in the street.